Steinhausen/London - The UK-based Payments Association has named the global liquidity and settlement platform Arf from the Greater Zurich Area as the winner of a gold PAY360 Award in the category of Best Lending Initiative. Arf was recognized for its outstanding role in the area of innovations.

At the PAY360 Awards, Arf has been named as the winner of a gold award for its “outstanding contributions to the payments industry and its leadership in lending innovation”, further details of which can be found in a press release. Founded in 2022 in Steinhausen in the canton of Zug, the company emerged victorious against five other finalists. The awards were presented in 20 categories overall by the UK-based Payments Association on October 4 in London.

Arf is a Swiss-regulated global liquidity and settlement platform for licensed financial institutions, providing short-term, revolving and USD Coin-based loans. Its infrastructure allows financial institutions to access daily liquidity and perform real-time settlements without the need for pre-funding. “By solving the core problems in the industry, we have provided 400 million US dollars in loans and generated nearly half a billion US dollars in on-chain volume within just 10 months”, as Ali Erhat Nalbant, co-founder and CEO of Arf Financial GmbH, explains in the press release.

The company sees itself as a “pioneering example” of the way in which Web3 technologies can revolutionize the global payments industry with total transparency. As the press release explains further, Arf is bridging the gap between Web3 and the traditional world of finance by establishing a powerful tokenized use case for risk-weighted assets (RWAs), in this way offering liquidity backed by receivables. Last year, Arf already claimed a silver PAY360 Award in the category of “Best Use of Crypto and/or Blockchain in Financial Services”. ce/mm

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