Artificial intelligence will one day surpass human intelligence. In the case of repetitive work, we have got used to machines performing the work more quickly and reliably, softwares quickly delivering corresponding results when searching the Internet, and assistance systems making driving safer and more relaxed. But what does it look like when the machine starts to think and processes its thoughts into meaningful and convincing arguments?

Thinking machines that solve complex challenges independently are still a dream of the future. However, developers and researchers around the world are working intensively on machines that are reacting more and more intelligently and whose behavior is getting closer and closer to that of humans. Machines that learn and think independently, weigh different arguments against each other before making a decision and finally achieve meaningful and convincing results.

Intelligent machines mean new products and services for the economy. As a leading research and knowledge center, the Greater Zurich Area offers the best conditions for companies to benefit from artificial intelligence. The institutionalized exchange between academic institutions and industry makes this location particularly attractive for research-intensive companies. Academic innovations need companies that integrate them into new products and services and bring them to market. Various technology transfer offices provide access to a relevant network of universities, colleges, technical colleges, spin-offs, start-ups as well as investors and companies within the Greater Zurich Area.

For us humans, intelligent machines not only make life easier, they also bring with them one or two challenges. Will thousands of jobs be lost? Do we need new ethical standards, should machines one day control our brains? The training of our youngest generation and the further training of people who are already in the work process should change noticeably in the future.

Where does Switzerland stand on artificial intelligence and are we ready for it? Canton Schwyz is pleased to invite you to the 13th Business Forum of Canton Schwyz. On 23 October 2018, three qualified speakers from science, business and education will discuss various aspects of artificial intelligence. Pascal Kaufmann, founder of Starmind, discusses the race for artificial intelligence, Arijana Walcott, Vice President of Consumer Innovation Swisscom, shows the influence of artificial intelligence on our economy, and Silvio Herzog, Rector of the Pädagogischen Hochschule Schwyz, explains education in and for digital change.

About the author

Roman Morger is Project Manager for Business Development at the Office for Economy Canton Schwyz. The Canton Schwyz is an attractive business location for innovative companies, global headquarters, service providers and manufacturing enterprises. The team of the Canton’s Office for Economy is your partner for additional information and your location investment decisions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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