BC Platforms and Dante Labs have formed a partnership to build Europe’s largest private Next Generation Sequencing laboratory. BC Platforms will provide its technology to the partnership.

With support from BC PlatformsDante Labs of Abruzzo in Italy plans to build Europe’s largest private NGS laboratory. The two companies have signed a partnership agreement to support the goal, announced a statement.  

BC Platforms is a globally leading company in the management and analysis of genome data. Its operational headquarters are in Zurich. The company’s vision is to build the world’s leading analytics platform for healthcare and industry, providing access to genomic and clinical human data samples. 

Dante Labs is a global laboratory for genomic tests and data analysis in L'Aquila. It specializes in the sequencing and interpretation of the whole genome (Whole Genome Sequencing, WGS) for private customers and the healthcare industry. The company will benefit from the fact that BC Platforms’ automated workflows are ISO (quality management) and CE (medical device) certified. 

“This partnership enables us to spend more time adding strategic value to our user programs and build on our new initiatives,” commented Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati. BC Platforms is pleased to have been chosen to support Dante Labs in the production and reporting of their WGS data, according to Vice President Nino da Silva. He said: "We also look forward to further expand our collaboration over time, enabling both organisations to develop technology and services which will serve the customers of Dante Labs in the future.”

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