Lugano - The newly inaugurated Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub in Lugano is set to become an epicenter for creativity, research and technological innovation. The building houses over 15 companies and the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center across 1,700 square meters.
Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub opens in Lugano


The Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub in the center of Lugano was officially inaugurated on 27 February. The coworking space of over 1,700 square meters across six floors accommodates more than 200 managers. According to a statement, CEO Serse Bonvini expects the hub to attract 1,500 people from all over Europe in its first year with seminars, workshops and its Lifestyle Innovation Day on 22 April.

Over 15 companies from the lifestyle sector have already moved in, including the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center, part of the future Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino. The multinational company Accenture has chosen the hub as its location for the Ticino region. “The response to the project has far exceeded expectations,” Bonvini is quoted as saying. He added that only a few offices are still available.

According to the statement, the hub will act as a dynamic ecosystem to promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration between companies, universities and institutions for development and growth. Christian Vitta, Director of the Department of Finance and Economy, said it will also contribute to “creating interesting and quality jobs for our young people”.

This hub consolidates Lugano’s position as an international hub in sectors such as LifestyleTech and as a center for digital innovation
Michele Foletti
Michele Foletti - Mayor of Lugano

At the opening ceremony, Mayor Michele Foletti emphasized that the hub “consolidates Lugano’s position as an international hub in sectors such as LifestyleTech and as a center for digital innovation”. According to Carlo Terreni, President of Dagorà and Innovation Park Ticino, the further growth and success of the initiative “will depend on our ability to network and team up with all strategic players in Ticino, Milan, Zurich, and Bern”. ce/mm

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