Schaffhausen - The driverless electric bus used on STL Line 13 has officially taken to the roads of Schaffhausen. This is Switzerland’s first dual mode technology bus. The project is the brainchild of the Swiss Transit Lab mobility initiative.

Source: Swiss Transit Lab

Swiss Transit Lab (STL) has achieved a milestone. After several test phases, the self-driving STL line 13 minibus was integrated into the Schaffhausen public transport network at the end of April. The line connects Schaffhausen train station with the newly developed Stahlgiesserei district.

According to STL, the new bus route is the first in Switzerland to feature a vehicle with dual mode technology, which facilitates both automated driving and manual operation of a vehicle. The STL Line 13 minibus is a conventional electric vehicle developed by Toyota that has been transformed into a driverless vehicle thanks to a solution from the Finnish start-up Sensible4. The bus will also be named, with the public able to submit ideas for this up to a deadline of May 31.

STL is an initiative and association of private companies, public transport authorities and the canton of Schaffhausen. It operates the route in collaboration with the Schaffhausen-based company Weder Transport and is supported by the public transport operator for Zurich (Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich: VBZ).

STL Line 13 will also serve as an application laboratory for advanced technologies, services and business models related to automated driving. In this context, businesses and researchers are to be offered an opportunity to test other solutions with the vehicle. ce/ssp

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