Schlieren ZH - Eightinks is developing a technology for the mass production of lithium-ion solid state batteries. In this context, the start-up’s focus is on the circular economy. At present, Eightinks is in the process of building its own lab and is also on the hunt for partners.

Eightinks seeking to develop circular car batteries
Prototype coin cells with Li-​metal anodes. Source: Eightinks

According to a press release issued by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), lithium-ion solid state batteries are considered to be the batteries of the future - in particular for electromobility applications. However, series production is still very expensive, while only about 5 percent of these batteries are currently recycled, according to information from ETH Zurich. 

Eightinks, a spin-off from ETH Zurich based in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich, is now working on a manufacturing technology for the mass production of such batteries, with the process having already been patented by the start-up. For this, the cathode and solid electrolyte can be coated in a single application. In the long term, all functional battery layers could even be applied in just one process step. Overall, the technology could help to reduce production costs and increase quality. 

Eightinks is also pursuing the goal of achieving full compatibility with the principles of the circular economy for its batteries. To this end, the focus is on what is known as direct recycling, whereby individual particles are extracted directly from the batteries for recycling. However, for now, the technology required for this is in the development phase. 

At present, Eightinks is still in the process of being fully established. The plans also include building a proprietary laboratory, among other things. In the development of its process, the start-up has already collaborated with companies such as TSE Troller and the Bühler Group. Eightinks is also interested in agreeing partnerships in the area of materials. ce/ssp

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