Zurich – In the face of the coronavirus crisis, Munich Re and the Fraunhofer Society initiated a challenge for the development of emergency ventilation equipment. Three devices have been selected for the final. ETH Zurich is now testing the new ventilators.



The reinsurance company Munich Re and the Fraunhofer Society initiated the Give a Breath Challenge as a global call for ideas to help alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. The aim is for affordable ventilation equipment to be developed quickly. Three prototypes have been selected for the final.

ETH Zurich will now be testing these respiratory systems in terms of their performance and suitability for treating patients, as was reported in a press release. Researchers at ETH have experience in the testing of medical equipment, with Marianne Schmid Daners, Head of the Biomedical Systems Group in the Product Development Group at ETH, develops and tests cardiac pumps with her colleagues, for example.

In order to carry out standardized tests for ventilators, ETH is collaborating with the simulation center at University Hospital Zurich, which will provide the necessary equipment. This includes a lung simulator called “Testchest” and a head for simulating ventilation by mask.

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