Zurich/Kortrijk - The Belgian hospital AZ Groeninge is set to introduce PIPRA’s cutting-edge technology. This can pre-operatively assess the extent of the risk that older patients might develop post-operative delirium. Furthermore, the two partners are now starting to develop a tool of this kind for intensive care patients.

AZ Groeninge, a major hospital located in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, will be the first hospital in the country to use technology developed by the Zurich-based start-up PIPRA, which was founded in 2019. This can pre-operatively predict the likelihood of the onset of post-operative delirium (POD) in older surgical patients.

According to a press release issued by PIPRA, delirium is a condition that is frequently underdiagnosed. This post-operative cognitive complication affects 23.1 percent of patients over 60 years of age, but often goes unnoticed. Symptoms include disorientation, memory loss, speaking difficulties and behavioral changes.

According to PIPRA, the onset of delirium can often be prevented through non-pharmacological measures. PIPRA has developed the world’s first AI-based delirium software, which combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with a curated clinical database to facilitate an automated calculation of a patient’s risk of developing POD “with remarkable accuracy”.

AZ Groeninge is exceptionally proud to implement and jointly develop this decision support tool in partnership with PIPRA, as Dr. Wouter De Corte explains: “With PIPRA, these preventive measures can be more effectively implemented, leading to improved personalized patient care and improved satisfaction for healthcare professionals”.

According to PIPRA CEO John Klepper, this partnership opens the door to future collaborations in the Benelux countries: “Our patient-centric approach aligns seamlessly with AZ Groeninge’s mission to provide high-quality, compassionate care”. ce/mm

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