Dübendorf ZH/Lugano – The first automated drone docking station has been installed by Matternet at the EOC hospital group. The logistics expert for cargo drones will be responsible for carrying out deliveries of medical supplies to the station. Matternet is now building 40 such stations in Abu Dhabi.

First drone docking station installed in Switzerland
The real-life debut of Matternet's automated drone docking station at the EOC hospital group in Greater Zurich. Image: Matternet

Matternet has installed the prototypes for a first automated cargo drone station at the EOC hospital group in Lugano in the canton of Ticino. The logistics expert for drone networks, which operates in Dübendorf in the canton of Zurich via Matternet Operations GmbH, flies a temperature-sensitive hardshell case containing numerous lab samples that would otherwise be transported overland. Removing this precious cargo from the drone docking station is handled by authorized hospital staff exclusively. Matternet has provided a link on its website to an article covering this development published by Techcrunch, the online news portal for technology and internet firms.

Payload Matternet
Lab samples that have been transported in temperature-sensitive hardshell case from A to B. Image: Matternet

As Matternet announced a few days ago, the company is establishing a city-wide network of 40 such drone docking stations in Abu Dhabi in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) and logistics company Skygo. The tests for this are expected to be completed by the end of the year, while commercial operations should be launched in the first quarter of 2022. According to an article published by the company itself, Matternet became the first drone company to deliver refrigerated COVID-19 vaccine doses manufactured by Pfizer to a hospital in North Carolina on behalf of UPS in August.  

Matternet writes on its website that its mission is to make “access to goods as frictionless and universal as access to information”. The company’s products are designed to enable organizations around the world to build and operate drone logistics networks for transporting goods on demand.

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Tom Rehwinkel, Head of Regulatory Affairs Europe at Matternet, shares interesting facts about the innovative drone company:

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