Schlieren/Shenzhen - Fixposition and Chinese company Whale Dynamic are working together to integrate Fixposition’s Vision-RTK 2 positioning sensor into Whale Dynamic’s fully autonomous vehicles.
Fixposition and Whale Dynamic join forces
Image: Fixposition


Fixposition, a Schlieren-based specialist in precise positioning systems, has entered into a partnership with Chinese company Whale Dynamic, which is focused on autonomous driving. As a press release explains, Fixposition’s Vision-RTK 2 positioning sensor will be integrated into Whale Dynamic’s vehicles.

Whale Dynamic specializes in the field of autonomous driving. The company’s vehicles are fitted with core technologies  and advanced planning and control systems such as fusion hardware, HD mapping and control-by-wire chassis. Fixposition’s navigation sensors will supplement these components, enabling safe autonomous driving.

“Partnering with Whale Dynamic is a testament to the strength of our deep-fusion technology in the autonomous driving domain and expands our reach into new applications,” says Zhenzhong Su, CEO and co-founder of Fixposition AG from the canton of Zurich. “We are excited to support Whale Dynamic as they extend their presence into European and American markets.”

“The unique capabilities of Fixposition’s Vision-RTK 2 enhance our solutions’ flexibility and reliability,” adds David Chang, founder and CEO of Whale Dynamic. According to the press release, the partnership is a significant step towards achieving technological breakthrough and making the company’s business vision a reality. ce/ww

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