Lugano – Gain Therapeutics is now listed on the NASDAQ. The biotech from Lugano raised US$46 million on the stock exchange. It founded a subsidiary in the USA only last year to improve its access to U.S. capital.

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Gain Therapeutics has successfully gone public on the U.S. stock exchange, the NASDAQ. Founded as recently as 2017 by the Ticino venture capital firm TiVenture and private investors, the biotech company sold 4,181,818 shares at US$11 each in this offering. This raised US$46 million. According to a press release from TiVenture,  this brings the total capitalization of the company to more than US$130 million.

Gain is a biotech company that develops innovative treatments for rare, neurodegenerative illnesses. By means of patented algorithms and a proprietary supercomputer, its technology identifies molecules that are able to restore functional activity impaired by genetic mutations. These can help alleviate the symptoms of severe chronic illnesses for which there are no other treatments.

Gain is currently working on five preclinical research programs for rare diseases affecting children and a program for Parkinson’s disease. The prestigious initial public offering is enabling Gain to further accelerate the development of the identified molecules.

In 2020, the company from Lugano established a subsidiary in the U.S. state of Maryland. The aim of this was to make it easier to access capital in the USA. It allowed the company to obtain US$10 million in a funding round in July 2020 and paved the way for recently going public.

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