Zug - SHL Medical is to build a combined production facility and office space at the Tech Cluster Zug. The construction concept is being realized by the Penzel Valier AG. The new building, which will be mainly built from wood, will be powered by solar energy and heated using lake water.

Tech Cluster Zug

Image credit: SHL Medical


SHL Medical is investing in a new location at the Tech Cluster Zug. This will feature a production facility spanning 10,500 square meters and office space over 5,000 square meters. Overall, the manufacturer of iinjection systems will be looking to employ around 400 staff at the new site.

Several firms of architects developed new location concepts as part of a design competition. The winning submission came from Penzel Valier AG, as detailed in a press release. The City of Zug, Metall Zug and experts from various fields were all represented on the jury alongside SHL Medical.

The project developed by the architects Penzel Valier uses wood as the primary alternative material. The energy supply is secured via a photovoltaic system integrated in the building itself, while lake water is used for heating and cooling processes. Excess heat and electricity are additionally recovered for re-use in other applications. All in all, this ensures that production processes can be structured on a carbon-neutral basis.

According to the press release, the planning application will be lodged by the end of 2021. As the SHL Group is striving to achieve continual growth over the coming years, the plan is for the project to be realized across two construction phases followed by four expansion stages. The four expansion stages will be gradually put into operation over several phases.

“The building architecture should offer an environment that optimally supports employees performing their tasks and operations”, comments Ulrich Faessler, CEO of SHL Medical, in a separate press release. “As we are seeking continual growth at SHL and want to consolidate our pioneering role within the sector, we will further strengthen our worldwide presence and activities with the implementation of global production”, he adds.

In 2018, SHL Medical transferred its company headquarters to Zug in Switzerland. The aim here was, among other aspects, to further strengthen global partnerships with pharma clients. In addition to Switzerland, SHL Medical also operates out of locations in Taiwan, Sweden and the USA.

The Tech Cluster Zug is based on the main site of V-ZUG AG in the city of Zug. V-ZUG intends to focus its production activities towards the north of this site, while industrial enterprises, tech-focused services, start-ups as well as research and educational institutions will be established across the remaining areas of the site.

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