Oetwil am See - Sulzer Schmid has presented a new, autonomous image capturing system for the inspection of wind turbine rotor blades using drones. With the 3DX system, the company is striving to deliver even more precise imaging to safely monitor wind turbines.

Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories AG, a supplier of innovative technologies for wind turbine rotor blade inspections using autonomous drones based in the canton of Zurich, has presented a new inspection system. According to a press release, the 3DX AutoPilot is said to deliver significantly sharper, high-resolution images of rotor blades to be inspected. The camera system, which is mounted on a Matrice M350 Enterprise drone developed by DJI, delivers images with a resolution of up to 61 megapixels. ISO settings, aperture and shutter speed can be individually adjusted for each image. The improved sharpness of the images, image density and an improved dynamic range allow damage to rotor blades to be detected and identified more precisely. For example, hairline cracks, which are often the sign of serious damage, can be detected more promptly, allowing for early and less costly maintenance.

“Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the wind energy sector is vividly realized in our latest inspection solution”, comments Tom Sulzer, co-founder and CEO of Sulzer Schmid, in the press release. “This is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in precision and in the way we approach blade inspections – a fast and reliable inspection process, best-in-class image quality and powerful analytics capabilities, all wrapped up in an intuitive digital inspection platform boosted by AI and machine learning”, he concludes. ce/ww

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