Manno/Bellinzona - TissueLabs has secured investment of 800,000 US dollars and has opened a new biofabrication hub in Bellinzona in the canton of Ticino. The fresh capital will help to improve the company’s proprietary technology platforms in addition to establishing strategic partnerships.

TissueLabs, a company which specializes in the production of synthetic tissues and organs for therapeutic applications headquartered in Manno in the canton of Ticino, has secured investment of 800,000 US dollars in a pre-seed financing round. According to a press release, the financing round was led by the Brazilian venture capital firm Mergus Ventures, with MIT Angels and other funds and private investors participating in the process at the same time. Some of the funding has been specifically allocated for setting up the new hub in Bellinzona.

TissueLabs is opening a new center for biofabrication in Bellinzona. In so doing, the company is making progress with its mission to revolutionize healthcare through tissue engineering, as the press release explains. TissueLabs manufactures synthetic tissues and organs for therapeutic applications. The new facilities, which are located in the Gallera building at the heart of Bellinzona, include two independent, state-of-the-art laboratories for production and research activities, in addition to modern office and meeting spaces. The hub in Bellinzona will play a crucial role in scaling up the production of innovative TissueLabs products, including 3D bioprinters and tissue-specific biomaterials, as well as in the development of innovative solutions with a focus on clinical applications.

“This investment, alongside our new facilities in Bellinzona, represents a significant leap towards achieving our vision”, comments Gabriel Liguori, CEO and founder of TissueLabs, in the press release. “Our shiny new labs aren’t just for dreaming about what’s next; they’re where we roll up our sleeves and actually build the future”, explains Tácia Liguori, Chief Sales Officer at TissueLabs, adding that: “The chance to speed up our work on new treatments has never felt more real”. ce/gba

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