Zurich/Irapuato - Wingtra will in future be collaborating with the Mexican firm SYSMAP. It is set to offer its surveying drone WingtraOne for its solutions in the fields of security, cadastral, mineral exploration and topographical survey projects.
Wingtra bringing its drones to Mexico

The Mexican company SYSMAP is expanding its service portfolio to include drones developed by the Zurich-based manufacturer Wingtra. According to a press release issued by Wingtra, SYSMAP intends to use these in its core areas of security, cadastral, mineral exploration and topographical survey projects. The company is based in Irapuato, which is located right at the heart of Mexico in the middle of one of its most important industrial corridors. “Wingtra is thrilled to partner with SYSMAP and bring its clients to the leading edge of high-quality drone data gathered in the most efficient and reliable way on the market”, Wingtra writes in the press release.

The unmanned aerial vehicle, which sits on its tail and takes off and lands vertically, is powered by two electric motors. It is primarily designed for use in precision farming and surveying duties, as well as for delivering light payloads in rural areas.

It was only in March that the spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) generated gross proceeds of 22 million US dollars as part of a Series B financing round. The investors included the investment firm DiamondStream Partners based in Seattle, which invests in “rough diamonds” in the area of innovative aviation. At the time, it explained that it was keen to support Wingtra’s expansion plans in Latin America and the USA.

Wingtra has been internally manufacturing these mapping drones since 2016 and also develops the flight software for their fully autonomous operation. According to information from the company itself, the drones are used in hundreds of companies and organizations in 96 countries. ce/mm

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