The majority of Zurich’s inhabitants enjoy living in the city. This is a finding of a new population survey that also reported a high quality of life and a renewed rise in the perception of safety.

Zurich inhabitants value their city


The City of Zurich is much loved by its inhabitants. Around 98 per cent of the participants in the latest population survey of the city say they rather enjoy or very much enjoy living in Zurich. Acccording to 90 per cent, the quality of life scores 5 or 6 points (6 being the highest score). There is equally a strong perception of safety, with a renewed increase compared to the last survey: almost nine out of 10 people feel rather safe or very safe when out and about alone after dark in their local area.  

Zurich’s inhabitants also greatly value the public transport system, shopping opportunities and the range of education and culture, according to the survey, but are less impressed with housing. Only 12 per cent of the survey participants rate housing at 5 or 6, but the majority are happy with their apartment and surroundings.  

The focus in this year’s report was on shopping and the postal service. Despite the growth of online shopping, many people still frequently shop in the city or locally.  

What is it like to live in Greater Zurich?

Unique quality of life

In der Greater Zurich Area können Sie Arbeit, Familie, Erholung, Sport und Freizeit in perfekten Einklang bringen. 

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