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The Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative has been providing private and public employers with a cashless catering system for employees for over 60 years.

Lunch-Check is the most popular employee catering service in Switzerland with over 9000 participating restaurants and cafés. They bring variety to lunch breaks, promote social exchange with colleagues and friends and make a valuable contribution to health and well-being. 

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As a Zurich-based company, we - like GZA - are committed to an attractive business location. Companies become more popular as an employer by offering discounted staff catering in great restaurants with lunch checks.
Thomas Recher, Lunch Check
Thomas Recher - CEO of Swiss Lunch-Check

More private supporters

More private supporters

The Greater Zurich Area Foundation and the operational Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) are supported by 30+ supporters from the private sector and academia. Curious to know who the others are?

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