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The Tech Cluster Zug (TCZ) sets a signal for the future of the Swiss industry. At the unique location in Zug, an attractive innovation center is being created with a great impact. A high degree of networking will create a lively city.

While many companies are outsourcing parts of their manufacturing processes abroad, Metall Zug is investing heavily in the industrial future of its site in Zug. More than 100 years ago, the former galvanizing factory was founded outside the small town of Zug. Today the site is located at the heart of the meanwhile booming and urban region of Zug and Baar. What could have been a limitation from an industrial perspective, has become a great opportunity thanks to the innovative project Tech Cluster Zug.

The starting point for the TCZ project was the development of a new strategy for V-ZUG. The focus lay on modernization. Focusing on strengthening manufacturing in the region, additional industrial companies, technology-related services and training facilities will be established. The goal is to build a highly networked urban ecosystem for innovation, manufacturing and training. Thanks to excellent career opportunities, varied leisure activities, as well as the high living quality, the region of Zug, attracts highly qualified and motivated talents.

As a result, the new strategic pillars of V-Zug boost investments into a digital future which is tremendously beneficial for third parties and the Greater Zurich Area. Besides an intelligent and sustainable energy grid, modern mobility and logistics solutions as well as a high-performance telecommunications network many other shared services areas included.

The Tech Cluster Zug is not created as a master plan city: Future partners will have the opportunity to significantly shape the project, they will be involved in the decision-making process and therefore play an active part in the development of the region. The project in Zug offers an attractive mix: different types of building sites, offices and apartments as well as public places and locations to set up gastronomy and retail business.

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V-ZUG has decided to continue production in the city of Zug and at the same time to diversify the use of the site. This was welcomed by many as a courageous move. However, this is not only a commitment to Switzerland as a business location – although its advantages in international comparison are enormous. Rather, the all-embracing technological revolution is creating completely new conditions for the industry. In the new digital world, an urban location becomes a competitive advantage in the competition for the best talents
Dr. Jürg Werner
Dr. Jürg Werner - CEO Metall Zug

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More private supporters

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