Zurich/Wakefield - The games developer AirConsole and Team17 are working together. They hope to optimize computer games for use in BMW vehicles. The games are played on the car screens and controlled with a cell phone.

The Zurich-based games developer AirConsole is collaborating with the British company Team17. They plan to optimize Team17’s games specifically for use in vehicles from the German car manufacturer BMW. This is made possible using AirConsole’s technology, which can be used to turn car screens into video game consoles. Additionally, a cell phone can be used to control figures.

CEO of Team17 Michael Pattison commented in a press release: “It is exciting to be a part of an innovative platform like AirConsole.” The introduction of Team17 games to BMW vehicles would enable even more gamers to be reached. According to Antti Makkonen, Director of Games at AirConsole, the collaboration with Team17 is to be developed further.

AirConsole and BMW have already agreed to a partnership for enabling computer games in cars in the past year. They also announced a joint competition for in-car gaming pioneers at the start of March. Developers have until June 8 to submit their game concepts. ce/ssp

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