Zurich/Heerbrugg - ANYmal, the automated, four-legged inspection robot developed by ANYbotics, will now be enhanced by an integrated, 3D scanner for location detection from Leica Geosystems. This creates a digital twin of inspected facilities not only more accurately and rapidly, but also much more cost-effectively.

The two Swiss companies ANYbotics from Zurich and Leica Geosystems from the St.GallenBodenseeArea are now working together. This cooperation has led to an innovation in connection with the ANYmal inspection robot developed by ANYbotics. It relates to the integration of BLK ARC technology from Leica Geosystems in the autonomous, four-legged robot ANYmal. This software ecosystem designed by Leica automates the high-precision 3D location detection functionality.

ANYbotics, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), provides details of this partnership in a LinkedIn post. In the same post, ANYbotics also refers to a recorded webinar in which product manager Sten-Ove Tullbeg and UX design lead Florent Mennechet explain the product update.

The new and improved ANYmal makes 3D models available to the operators on demand. In this way, precise digital twins of the inspected system can be created via the ANYmal user interface while the robot carries out its autonomous inspection task. ANYbotics explains that this is made possible by a single interface and is more accurate, faster and around seven times more cost-effective than external scanning.

According to ANYbotics, ANYmal is the only robot with legs certified for use in explosive environments. This makes it suitable for use in the oil, gas and chemicals industries. It enables the complete digitization of monitoring processes and therefore unmanned systems as well. Its mobility, navigation and inspection skills are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to a press release from September 2022, delivery of the ANYMAL X is planned from mid-2023 onwards. mm

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