Zug – The newly founded MedTech company atHeart Medical is commencing operations. Initially, it will drive forward development of a new metal-free heart implant. The first tests are to be conducted in the USA.

atHeart Medical
Image credit: atHeart Medical


The new Zug-based company atHeart Medical hopes to drive forward development of a heart implant that has been developed for use in patients with atrial septal defect (ASD). ASD is a heart defect that is usually congenital. Patients have a hole in the septum between the two atria of the heart.

According to a press release, atHeart Medical’s heart implant, called the reSept ASD Occluder, does not use any metal. Instead, the occluder is fitted with a bioresorbable frame. This aims to reduce the number of complications that can be triggered by the long-term presence of metal in the heart. atHeart Medical is now starting IDE tests in the USA. IDE stands for investigational device exemption – an exceptional status for research purposes.

atHeart Medical is part of Olle Larsson Holding, based in Zug, which comprises several MedTech companies. With the reSept ASD Occluder, atHeart Medical is driving forward a heart implant that was originally developed by another Zug-based company, Carag.

In addition to its headquarters based in Zug, atHeart Medical also has a site in the USA.

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