Zurich - The University of Zurich in the Greater Zurich Area is the best university for blockchain in Europe according to a ranking list by Coindesk. It comes in fourth place on a global comparison. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich places third in Europe and tenth in the world.

The news platform Coindesk has published a ranking list of the best universities for teaching and research on the subject of blockchain technology. It states that the University of Zurich is the best university in this area in the whole of Europe. In a global comparison, it comes in fourth place. Only the National University of Singapore, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Berkeley were rated more highly.

Zurich is home to Europe's best universities for blockchain
This year’s ranking of 230 schools worldwide sees Asian names dominate and European universities rise up the board, like University of Zurich or ETH. Source: CoinDesk

However, Zurich is also represented by a second university in the ranking list’s top ten: the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) came in tenth place worldwide. On a European comparison, it is the third-best university for the subject of blockchain. In addition to the University of Zurich, only University College London (UCL) was ranked higher. 

Coindesk is a news platform concentrating on topics relating to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The platform is an independent subsidiary of the American company Digital Currency Group, which focuses on investment in blockchain startups.

Coindesk’s ranking list included a total of 230 universities across the world. The study was led by Reuben Youngblom, a researcher at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as Joe Lautzenhiser of Coindesk.

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The fact that so many companies are now settled in the area makes it the most competitive in terms of concentration of talent. Or in the words of Paul Meeusen, CEO of B3i, a global blockchain initiative of the insurance industry: “The talent pool in and around Zurich for blockchain solutions is outstanding, and we are in constant exchange with innovative players in the region.”

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