Schlieren ZH – The biotechnology firm Biognosys from the Greater Zurich Area has successfully closed a Series G financing round. The fresh capital is to be used to expand services with the aim of supporting clients in clinical trials linked to drug development projects.

Both existing private and institutional investors as well as a new industrial investor took part in the financing round, as detailed in press release issued by Biognosys. The Schlieren-based company works on decoding proteomes, which represent the entire complement of proteins expressed in a pre-defined unit such as a cell or even a human being. This research work should clear the path towards an improvement in drug preparations. With this new funding, proteomic services are set to be expanded to such an extent that it would allow clinical trial findings to be applied to drug development projects.

In specific terms, Biognosys is planning to use the fresh capital to establish a new GCP-certified (good clinical practice) production facility in Switzerland. In this context, existing capacities would be expanded. Moreover, there are also plans that envisage raising the company’s profile in the USA, Europe and Asia.

The Basel-based pharma group Roche presented a study recently, in which it was revealed that the data analysis method developed by Biognosys could soon be applied to clinical research. In this context. Biognosys is making use of what is known as “Discovery Proteomics”, in which the identification of proteins is being optimized so as to allow in-depth analysis of individual samples. Oliver Rinner, Founder and CEO of Biognosys, was quoted in the press release: “We are very excited with the perspective to be pioneers in bringing discovery proteomics to clinical trials and provide our advanced data analysis services at a much larger scale.“

The Schlieren-based company Biognosys is a spin-off affiliated with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and is headquartered at Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich.

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