Zollikofen/Zurich - Customers of the digitalization and IT service provider T-Systems Switzerland are to benefit from BLP Digital's solution for the automated processing of documents using artificial intelligence. Unlike comparable solutions, the system is ready to use within a few weeks.

T-Systems Switzerland from the canton of Bern is becoming an implementation partner of BLP Digital from Zurich. The solution from the spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and the University of St.Gallen uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract data from order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes and customer orders. It compares this data with the target values of the respective company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) then archives it.

“Together, we can implement the solution for customers within just a few weeks,” said Marco Bösch, Lead Digital Transformation at T-Systems Switzerland, in a statement. “With comparable solutions, this takes at least six months.” For customers, this means quick and easy access to the benefits of artificial intelligence.

According to the statement, the software works generically and extracts information from various documents without the need to create specific templates for each individual document type. It requires no individual training and adapts to different formatting.

The Zurich startup's solution carries out all steps independently end-to-end, both in purchasing processes and in sales. Standard interfaces facilitate connection to numerous established ERP systems. According to BLP Digital, these features can reduce administration costs by 70 per cent and throughput times by 20 per cent. “This means that both SMEs and large companies from all sectors can use the solution in the short term.” ce/mm

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