Zurich/Munich/Shenzhen - The startup N-Dream has gained two major clients for its AirConsole games platform. The German car manufacturer BMW will use it in its cars. SDMC Partners from China plans to include it in its smart home offering.

The Zurich-based startup N-Dream has gained two new clients for its games platform AirConsole over the past few weeks. The German car manufacturer BMW will integrate the platform into its vehicles from 2023 according to a press release. This will make it possible to play video games in the car. Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President BMW Group Connected Company Development explains that this is of interest for situations where there is a need for a wait, such as when charging a vehicle.

The games platform from Zurich was also met with interest in China, with N-Dream also gaining the Shenzhen-based company SDMC Partners as a client according to a separate press release. SDMC specializes in smart home applications. It plans to use AirConsole to offer its customers the option of controlling games that are displayed on a TV screen via a cell phone, for example. This means that several users could access a game at once.

N-Dream brought AirConsole to market in 2015. According to information provided by the startup, the console has already been used by more than 10 million gamers. It is currently compatible with around 180 games.

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