Zurich – Daedalean is developing software to enable fully autonomous flight control for aircraft. The startup from the Greater Zurich Area has just raised almost 12 million Swiss francs in a funding round, which will help accelerate software development.

Daedalean has raised 11.8 million francs in its latest funding round. According to an article on startupticker.ch, the venture capital companies Carthona CapitalRedalpine and Amino Capital were among the investors participating in the round.

The Zurich startup is developing software based on artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous flight control, which is intended for application in drones and aircraft. The new funds will help accelerate development. Daedalean reportedly plans to bring its software to market in 2021.

Daedalean was founded by a team of engineers who earned their stripes at companies like Google and SpaceX. According to founder and CEO Luuk van Dijk, civil aviation is already working at the limits of its capacity, also because there are shortages of human pilots and air traffic controllers. The CEO envisages “a future with small safe and silent personal air taxis” as a key means of transportation, which he says will only be feasible with full autonomy.

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