Zürich/Sofia - The Sofia-based DSK bank is cooperating with Spitch. The firm’s virtual assistant for digital customer contacts has reduced the cost per call and contact by 19 percent, in addition to improving the speed of inquiry responses by up to 80 percent.

The Bulgarian DSK Bank is using a virtual omnichannel solution from the Zurich-based firm Spitch, a developer and provider of voice and text dialog systems for companies and authorities. According to a press release issued by Spitch, the virtual assistant chat bot used for online customer inquiries has helped to reduce the costs per call and contact by 19 percent, while the average response speed is said to have improved by up to 80 percent. According to the information, customer awareness of relevant products and services from DSK Bank has increased by up to 20 percent

The chat platform technology enables the bot to answer inquiries automatically or connect customers to the right contact person if necessary. In addition, this tool is constantly learning: On the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it analyzes the information collected about customer interactions, updates and expands the knowledge database and perfects the models.

According to comments from DSK Bank in the Spitch press release, the partnership between the two companies is “unique”. In the near future, DSK Bank will be in a position to launch products and services on the market that will be customized for a specific type and profile of customer.

According to information from Spitch itself, the company’s systems not only understand words and sentences, but also the meaning of what is said. To achieve this, Spitch relies on internally developed software that combines natural language processing, AI and machine learning. mm

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