Domat/Ems GR – EMS is considerably increasing production capacity for polyamide specialties at its site in Domat/Ems in the Greater Zurich Area. The investment in the Graubünden production site totaling 300 million Swiss francs should help to counteract the global shortage of polymers.

The EMS Group is making a major investment in new production facilities at its Domat/Ems site. Construction is also already underway on another polymerization plant for amorphous, partially aromatic polyamides at the Graubünden production site.

EMS investing in the Greater Zurich Area
Image: EMS

According to a press release, the new state-of-the-art polymerization plant will “once again significantly increase the quality and production volume of the material and substantially reduce energy consumption, thereby outperforming the competition”. The new plant will start operation in the second half of 2022. It should “help to counteract the global shortage of polymers”.

In the last quarter of 2022, a further high performance polyamide (PPA) production line will start operations. The tallest high-rack warehouse in Switzerland is also currently being built. At 44.6 meters high, the warehouse is needed to master the logistic challenges posed by the additional material volumes and to continue to be able to supply the global markets quickly and flexibly. A new production line for the manufacture of high-performance polymers started operations less than two years ago. The total investment in Domat/Ems will amount to more than 300 million francs over the next five years.

Furthermore, EMS is investing in a new production line to manufacture large quantities of high-performance plastic specialties at the German site in Groß-Umstadt. This will significantly relieve the company’s German manufacturing operations as well as those of the Swiss parent plant at Domat/Ems. Another new production building will also be built, so that more production lines can be commissioned “in the foreseeable future”.

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