Zurich – Zurich startup Archilyse has developed software for the analysis of architecture. The spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) plans to enable the world’s most comprehensive architecture analysis.


Archilyse links together as much available data as possible in its architectural analysis, a press release from the ETH revealed. This is used to create a virtual model and a building can then be placed in this model of its environment. Archilyse is able “to calculate how much water or how many mountain peaks can be seen from each square centimeter”. It also conveys other aspects: “A young family, for example, might be interested in the soundproofing between the children’s rooms and the living room, whether you can see the play area from the living room and whether the children’s rooms are bright enough to not impair the children’s cognitive abilities,” explains Archilyse founder Matthias Standfest in the press release.

Through these simulations, Archilyse says on its website that it provides “the most comprehensive view on architecture currently available worldwide”. The analyses are being made available to project developers, architects and property companies, who can subsequently market them. While the information that Archilyse delivers is not new, it previously required a lot more effort to get because it had to be brought together. The software developed by the ETH spin-off completes these processes based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Its success so far is a testament to the concept of Archilyse. “We are currently signing on to major projects and are looking into entering the market in Germany, Scandinavia and Asia,” said Matthias Standfest, who is continuing to work on new products with his team. “In May, for example, we’re launching a tool to automatically check Swiss building zone regulations.” Archilyse has now been nominated for the Pioneer Award by the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) for its innovation.

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