Zurich - The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) established a total of 25 spin-offs in 2021. Most are working to achieve advances in medicine or battle climate change. The spin-offs successfully raised fresh capital of 390 million francs.

ETH Zurich has presented its review of spin-offs from the past year: 25 spin-​offs were founded in 2021. As was reported in a press release, this once again shows “how ETH expertise provides innovative approaches to global challenges and stimulates the Swiss economy”. The percentage of female founders also increased compared with previous years.

ETH spin-offs raise 390 million Swiss francs in capital
The 25 ETH spin-offs from last year demonstrate once again how ETH knowledge provides innovative approaches to global challenges and boosts the Swiss economy in the process.

Medical diagnostics is strongly represented by the new spin-​offs, while others are developing methods to battle climate change. “In order to tackle the major challenges facing us today, we have to be able to apply research findings in practice as quickly as possible,” said Vanessa Wood, Vice President for Knowledge Transfer and Corporate Relations at ETH Zurich. “ETH spin-​offs are a key instrument in facilitating this transfer of knowledge.”

ETH also noted that the more established ones have also achieved a lot over this past year. In this context, it highlights the SCION technology developed at ETH for a secure data network, provided by ETH spin-​off AnapayaSynhelion has built a test facility for the industrial production of solar fuels and hat in Germany. In Iceland, Climeworks has built the largest facility to date for atmospheric CO2 capture.

Bright Peak Therapeutics reported the most successful round of funding. The company received more than 96 million francs for the further development of its innovative immunotherapy. ETH spin-​offs succeeded in raising capital totaling more than 390 million francs.

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