Schlieren/Prato - The premium textiles manufacturer Beste from Tuscany has become the first to incorporate HeiQ’s AeoniQ circular cellulosic fiber in its portfolio. These capsule products within the Beste collection will be displayed during the Milano Unica trade show until 2 February.

Italian premium textiles manufacturer Beste has become the first partner in its field to incorporate HeiQ AeoniQ endlessly circular cellulosic fiber in its high-end fabric portfolio. According to a press release, under this strategic partnership between HeiQ and Beste, new fabrics were created that will be on display at the Milano Unica trade show until 2 February.

Within its Carpini collection, Beste has created a capsule of 12 articles made with HeiQ AeoniQ fibers exclusively or from linen and cotton blends in several different proportions. The collection is named Flow, as related to the movement of water and air to be in tune with nature’s balance and rhythm, with a range of nine colors.

For Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of the Schlieren specialist for textile technologies, this partnership with Beste “makes total sense” for all the shared values. He also highlights their similar commitments to circular ethics.

Beste is using HeiQ AeoniQ “to meet this precise criterion”, as its CDA President Giovanni Santi says. The introduction of this fiber that is “cellulosic in nature but with characteristics and performances similar to polyester ones, concerns a significant step in the reduction of CO2 emissions and plastics”. Beste’s designer Marco Burroni added that this fiber is “pushing the envelope in the fashion industry while also taking care of our planet”. mm

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