Zurich - The bag manufacturer FREITAG has won gold in the creativity category of Best of Swiss Web 2023 with an online design application for end customers. Users can design unique bags using the platform developed by Dept Design & Technology.

FREITAG Lab AG from Zurich has won gold in the creativity category of the Best of Swiss Web 2023 with an online offering for designing bags. According to a press release, users can design their own FREITAG bag using the browser-based tool called FREITAG F-Cut: Design your own bag.

This includes, among other things, choosing the truck tarpaulin for FREITAG to use. FREITAG has been creating textiles and accessories from used truck tarpaulins, vehicle seatbelts, and bike tires since 1993. In its statement, the jury praised the fact that “the case convinces in terms of portability on all levels.” Adding: “This is how web tools should feel today.”

The application was developed by Dept Design & Technology AG with headquarters in Zurich. The current Technical Director of Dept, Severin Klaus, developed an initial version of F-Cut for FREITAG twenty years ago. However, this platform disappeared with the demise of Adobe Flash, which formed the basis for the digital cutting table. The new version “consistently continues the concept of the original” according to Dept’s webpage.

Users can put together a bag with the aid of virtual templates on 50 digitized planes “in the typical reduced FREITAG style and with state-of-the-art technology.” The unique bag they have created can be viewed in real time as interactive 3D visualizations. Customers send the finished draft to FREITAG’s production department automatically after checkout. ce/ko

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