Schaan/Landquart GR – The Green Mountain is expanding its range of vegan meat substitutes with the cervelat national sausage and two Bratwurst sausage alternatives. For these, a new vegan casing has been developed by the startup from the Greater Zurich Area.

Image credit: Hilcona AG


The new vegan sausages from The Green Mountain are second to none when it comes to look, taste and consistency, as the Graubünden startup, part of Hilcona AG, writes in a press release. The Green Mountain has developed three new types of vegan sausage. Specifically, the range was expanded with a vegan cervelat, which is the national sausage of Switzerland, a Bauernbratwurst sausage and an Eastern Swiss style sausage.

The Green Mountain explains that these vegan sausages made completely in Switzerland do not contain palm oil or flavor enhancers. Instead, the cervelat is smoked in a proper smoke chamber containing beechwood. For the characteristic bite, the startup has developed a new vegan sausage casing. It is “unique” and therefore comes “very, very close to the bite of the original”, as Werner Ott, head of The Green Mountain, explained in a press release.

“Our new vegan sausage impresses with taste, aroma, mouthfeel, bite and feeling of satiety,” added Ott. He says the startup’s products are intended for those who are happy to not eat meat but do not want to go without the associated taste experience. “With our food decisions, we not only have an impact on climate change but also on sustainability, health and animal welfare.”

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