Bonaduz - Hamilton Bonaduz AG has supplemented its product family with the addition of a redesigned dissolved oxygen sensor. The VisiFerm SU was specially developed for single-use biopharmaceutical applications.

Hamilton has developed a new dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor. According to a press release issued by the manufacturer of medtech solutions, the redesigned VisiFerm SU ensures robust, low maintenance, quick and accurate measurements, in addition to offering the reliability and measurement stability familiar to users of the VisiFerm DO sensor technology, albeit specially designed for use in single-use applications. According to the press release, it can be combined with other single-use products for biopharmaceutical processes, thereby offering added value for “comprehensive, practical PAT solutions at the bioreactor.

The biopharmaceutical industry has been demanding increasingly flexible solutions over recent years, as Monika Alder Novotni, Product Manager at Hamilton, explains in the press release: “The appeal of single-use technologies is driven by the near elimination of non-value-added activities - in this case, tedious, time-consuming, expensive and highly regulated cleaning of fixed-tank bioreactors and feed lines, coupled with cleaning validation”. The VisiFerm SU RS485-ECS allows users to exploit the benefits of single-use workflows without compromising on the accuracy or precision of measurements.

As the press release explains further, by working closely with manufacturers, Hamilton has ensured that the single-use cap is directly integrated into the container and gamma sterilized. This results in a perfectly convenient, hermetically sealed and sterile single-use solution that enables low-risk installation of the reusable DO sensor by the end-user. To this end, modern electronics promise “fast and reliable delivery for decades to come”. ce/mm

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