Zurich/Heidelberg – Heidelberg Instruments has acquired the majority stake in the startup SwissLitho from the Greater Zurich Area. The German technology company intends to expand its nanolithography product portfolio.

SwissLitho’s vision is to revolutionize how nanostructures are made. To this end, it deploys its nanolithography technology, NanoFrazor, which was invented at IBM Research Zurich.

The multiple-patented technology is used for producing primarily 3D nanostructures down to a resolution in single nanometers. Compared to conventional nanolithography technologies, it is simpler to use and provides more accurate imaging.

In a move to expand its own nanolithography product palette, Heidelberg Instruments has acquired a 70 per cent stake in the Zurich-based high-tech company, according to a statement. Founders Felix Holzner and Philip Paul have retained the remaining 30 per cent.

If the acquisition supports Heidelberg Instruments’ focused expansion, it will offer SwissLitho access to the German company’s global sales network. The result will be additional visibility, as well as the potential to develop new products for scientific and industrial applications.

Completion of the transaction is expected in the first quarter of 2018, with SwissLitho and its employees remaining in Zurich.

Heidelberg Instruments claims to be a world leader in the production of high-precision maskless lithography systems for direct writing and photomask production. The systems are used in research and development, and industrial applications.  

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