Baar - From June, the start-up ImmoTrack will be offering automated resource planning for facility management processes. An app allows the status of the work to be carried out on a property to be tracked in real time. Work planning is constantly being optimized on the basis of self-learning algorithms.

The start-up ImmoTrack from Baar in the canton of Zug is launching an automated resource planning solution in the field of facility management. In so doing, ImmoTrack is supplementing its web-based software with a module, further details of which can be found in an article published on

ImmoTrack has been developing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for facility management processes since 2019. After all, as the article explains, work in this area is often still carried out manually: “Resource planning is completed with pen and paper, while property reports created on the computer for clients are printed out and sent by post”.

As a result, there is no overview of the results and services provided. This leads to dissatisfied customers and tenants as well as high maintenance costs. Founder Ofer Becker, a former managing director of a property maintenance firm, set about changing this by developing a solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with his team. The result is that self-learning algorithms are able to constantly improve work planning.

“Over the past three and a half years, we have been continuously developing the web-based solution and our latest achievement, namely automated resource planning, will be available from June onwards”, as Becker explains in the article.

At present, a financing round is in progress. Up to this point, the company has been able to raise 2.5 million Swiss francs in investments. In total, 20 customers are using the software, with a further 60 having indicated their intention to trial it. ImmoTrack expects demand for digital facility management solutions to increase in the future. ce/ko

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