Schattdorf UR - Sisag AG provides control systems for cable car networks. Together with the company bbv, it has developed a new platform based on the Internet of Things that makes cable car maintenance easier.

Sisag AG from the Canton of Uri provides electrical control and information systems for cable car networks. Now, together with BBV Software Services AG (bbv) from Lucerne, it has developed a new platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT). According to the press release, railway operators in ski resorts can use the solution, called SisControl, to view all information regarding their cable car networks and maintenance groups. They should be able to make fact-based decisions more easily thanks to the quick information overview.

SisControl is based on data collected by sensors, among other things. Wind or motion data is displayed directly to maintenance personnel. Staff can also use the dashboard to view prognoses from weather service and projections of visitor numbers, and so take proactive measures. Operating data, such as data on the condition of sensors on components, is in turn saved for comprehensive evaluations.

Sisag AG has already presented the platform at the international trade fair for alpine technology, INTERALPIN. In the meantime, the platform has been implemented at three clients, including at the Jungfrau network in Bern.

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