Solothurn - QUMEA has received start-up financing amounting to 1.8 million Swiss francs from investors. The start-up’s AI sensor technology enables improved service for persons requiring care. A three-dimensional radar detects their position, posture and condition.

QUMEA won top-class business angels from the technology and medicine sectors in its early round of financing. According to an announcement on, together with the existing team members they raised a total of 1.8 million Swiss francs. 

In just one year, the start-up founded in 2019 has brought its product from concept to series production together with specialists in nursing and medicine. The central element is a room sensor that constantly sends and receives electromagnetic signals. These signals are a hundred times weaker than those of a WiFi router.

The radar contactlessly collects care-related data such as the position, body posture and condition of a person in its range. The QUMEA cloud receives the anonymized movement data and processes them with the aid of proprietary artificial intelligence. This means that critical events can be recognized in real-time. The QUMEA smartphone app gives an alert if help is needed. Additionally, it allows simple configuration of individual surveillance scenarios according to the patient and space.

CEO Cyrill Gyger is quoted, saying: “We were in the comfortable position that QUMEA was met with great interest from both private and institutional investors. This meant that we were able to choose our ideal mix of financing and expertise.”

In addition to the start-up funding, QUMEA is also receiving support from the Swiss state innovation agency, Inosuisse: A research project that was granted recently enables the company, which currently has eight employees, to enrich its existing product with certified medical functions.

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