Pfäffikon - According to information from the company itself, Jua has launched the first global, high-resolution weather model with deep learning technology on the market. These forecasts should offer a significant improvement on existing approaches. As part of the launch, the start-up from the Greater Zurich Area has also raised a total of 2.5 million US dollars as part of a pre-seed financing round.

Jua launches weather forecasting service powered by AI

Jua, a start-up based in Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz has launched its platform for weather forecasts on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to a LinkedIn post, it enables the meteorological industry to come up with customized, high-resolution weather models that significantly outperform all existing approaches. “This is the most accurate weather data I have ever seen”, according to Germany’s most cited meteorologist, Dominik Jung, on the Jua website.

“We are going to change perceptions of weather prediction forever”, according to Jua founders Andreas Brenner und Marvin Gabler in the LinkedIn post. “In terms of geospatial resolution, temporal resolution and update frequency, our first model already outperforms all existing numerical models by several orders of magnitude. We now enable everyone from small start-ups to large companies to get access to much better weather data than they have ever seen before”, they add.

Upon launching the platform, Jua closed a pre-seed financing round and raised a total of 2.5 million US dollars in the process. The round was led by Promus Ventures from Chicago, Illinois, while the Zurich-based venture capital firm, Mehdi Ghissassi, Head of Product at DeepMind in London, and Siraj Khaliq, co-founder of The Climate Corporation were all also involved.