Mollis GL – Swiss helicopter company Kopter has successfully completed a test flight phase with its single-engine helicopter SH09 in Italy. The aircraft has now returned to the development facility in Mollis, where it will be further optimized.

Kopter SH09 helicopter from Greater Zurich
After successful test flights, the SH09 helicopter will be further optimized in Mollis in Greater Zurich. (Picture: Kopter)


After successfully completing the latest block of flight tests in Sicily, helicopter builder Kopter has brought the third prototype (P3) of its SH09 aircraft home again. At the company's headquarters in Mollis, observations in the test phase will be drawn on to further optimize the helicopter.

The engineering team will above all explore the capabilities of the new tail rotor and the recent aerodynamic modifications throughout the low speed envelope, it was reported in a press release. They will then proceed with the upgrade to Garmin avionics and of the final main rotor head and flight controls. The SH09 is getting ever closer to reaching the planned overall performance and capabilities for the final version, Kopter reports.

Several companies have already placed orders for the SH09. These include the U.S. company Rainier Heli-International and the INAEC Aviation Corporation from the Philippines. The latter intends to partner with Ascent Flights to employ the helicopters from Glarus for a ride-sharing service in the field of urban mobility.

At the start of the year, Kopter was taken over by the Italian helicopter manufacturer Leonardo, but continues to operate as an independent company.

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