Küssnacht SZ - MABEWO combines space-saving cultivation techniques with photovoltaic technology, irrigation systems and LED lighting. In the development of sustainable crop cultivation systems, the start-up has now put a pilot installation into operation. The aim is to bring two systems to market maturity.



MABEWO is an acronym for the company’s overarching objective: Make A Better World. The start-up from the canton of Schwyz develops systems for sustainable crop cultivation systems. For this, MABEWO combines space-saving cultivation systems, also referred to as Vertical Farming, with photovoltaic technology, irrigation systems and LED lighting, as the company writes in an article published on startupticker.ch. The aim is to provide crops with the optimal growth environment irrespective of local conditions.

In Bubesheim in Bavaria, Germany, the start-up has now launched a pilot system, as the article details further. Here, a total of six modules have been set up in which various cultivation methods are being tested for different crops. MABEWO’s aim is ultimately to bring two different systems to market maturity. The start-up is planning to develop what is known as an “agridome”, where animal feed and feed supplements can be cultivated, while a “green dome” will additionally allow MABEWO to grow vegetables, herbs and superfoods.

The business model of the start-up envisages operating the systems on behalf of customers. To this end, MABEWO would assume “responsibility for investment, supply, construction, maintenance and successful operation”, the press release states. Market entry has been planned for mid-2021. In terms of the planning and construction of the systems, MABEWO has turned to MSP Construction AG. As a result of this collaboration, MABEWO has announced that it has now acquired a majority shareholding in the company, which is likewise based in the canton of Schwyz.

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