Kloten - Microsoft Switzerland has officially opened the Microsoft Technology Center at its headquarters at Zurich Airport. Here, customers can test industry-specific scenarios under real-life conditions and are supported on their own digital transformation journey.


Microsoft Technology Center opens in The Circle
Microsoft Technology Center opens in The Circle.

Microsoft Switzerland has added the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) to its headquarters in The Circle at Zurich Airport. The new 1,000sqm space is an innovation hub where new technology and industry-specific scenarios can be tested, as was reported in a press release. Here, customers will be able to “envision the art of the possible and make it real”. The stated aim is to create “a lab and experimentation environment”.

At its core, it is about bringing understanding and trust in technology. This is achieved by offering customers an “immersive industry experiences and deep technical engagement focused on business outcomes”. Alongside improving acceptance for new technologies, the space also exploits synergies. Co-innovation with various partners will be facilitated to achieve positive business outcomes. This will allow customers to benefit from a collection of offerings on their own digital transformation journey, such as envisioning workshops, strategy briefings or hands-on labs.

According to Microsoft, the MTC will further drive innovation in Switzerland. For over 30 years, the software company has built trusted relationships with its 4,600 partners across Switzerland.

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