Domat/Ems - The start-up Muntagnard is presenting the world’s first biodegradable showroom in the Viamala Gorge. Here, sustainable garments are being displayed that have been specifically developed in accordance with the requirements of the circular economy

Muntagnard has installed a showroom in the Viamala Gorge in the canton of Graubünden that features items of clothing that are all fully biodegradable. According to a press release issued by the start-up based in Domat/Ems, also in the canton of Graubünden, this is the first such showroom space of its kind.

“We are very proud that we only have products in our range that we can safely leave behind in nature”, says Dario Grünenfelder, co-founder of Muntagnard. “Of course, clothing should never be discarded in nature. In our case, however, we can ensure that our products do not unnecessarily pollute or harm the environment”, he explains.

For example, the Muntagnard collection contains a t-shirt by the name of Legna that is made from a single, 100 percent wood-based fiber. The product was specifically developed with the circular economy in mind. It is completely recyclable and biodegradable, while also being the first item of clothing in the world to be certified as fully plastic-free by the German certification body flustix.

Another example is the Lana wool jacket, which consists of only four bio-based and biodegradable raw materials, and is also on display at the showroom. In addition to a specially developed outer fabric made of Swiss wool, the jacket lining was developed on the basis of European beech wood, while there are details made of Swiss deerskin and buttons made of nuts. The jacket is produced in a small traditional factory in Rothenthurm in the canton of Schwyz.

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