Schaffhausen/Paris - ipQuants' software to support the patent process is becoming accessible worldwide through a strategic alliance. Questel, a Paris-based company specialising in intellectual property management, is incorporating ipQuants' patent co-pilot Qthena into its global platform.

The Schaffhausen-based company ipQuants has entered into a strategic partnership with Questel. As part of this partnership, the Paris-based provider of intellectual property (IP) management solutions will integrate ipQuants' software for strategic patent planning into its offering. The software is called Qthena.

According to a statement from ipQuants AG, this partnership marks a significant milestone in its mission to “redefine efficiency, accuracy, and strategic insight in the patent process through advanced workflow automation and artificial intelligence”. The collaboration aims to promote a “shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the intellectual property space”.

“We are excited to bring our state-of-the-art workflow automation solutions to a broader audience, enabling IP professionals to achieve more efficient and effective patent processes,” ipQuants CEO Tony Afram is quoted as saying in the statement.

According to the company, Qthena “shines brightest in the intricate alleys of legal processes”. Nevertheless, its adaptability “knows no bounds”. The intuitive design ensures the right insights surface precisely when needed – from legal analytics for patent offices in Europe, the USA and Germany to any document-centric workflow, ipQuants adds. The “unique digital interface” that provides project views and panels “redefines document collaboration”. ce/mm

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