The start-up KOVE has developed a method allowing fetuses to be safely operated on inside the womb. The jury at Venture Kick will provide financial support totaling 150,000 Swiss francs. It has also committed to providing the same sum to support RoomPriceGenie.

Fetuses can be operated on as well. However, the risks are high, both for the unborn child and the mother, as surgical implements can damage the fetal membrane and cause the baby to be born prematurely. Yannick Devaud, BioEntrepreneur Fellow at the University of Zurich, has therefore developed a device to reduce this risk. “We save babies before they are born. We want families to stop having to mourn the death of a child”, he commented in a press release issued by Venture Kick.

Devaud has now founded KOVE. His intention is for the start-up to conduct long-term in-vivo trials at University Hospital Zurich. The jury at Venture Kick has awarded the start-up a grant of 150,000 Swiss francs for this purpose.

Venture Kick is also supporting RoomPriceGenie AG with the same sum of money. The start-up based in Steinhausen helps smaller and medium-sized hotels to determine dynamic pricing points for their rooms. This could help the hotels to increase revenue by up to 20 percent. Now the start-up is planning to automate its customer acquisition process.

Venture Kick supports the establishment of start-ups with grants of up to 150,000 Swiss francs. Since 2007, the philanthropic institute has provided 640 projects with a total of 27.3 million Swiss francs in funding. The Venture Kick Foundation has mandated the IFJ Institute for Young Enterprises, which is represented in Schlieren, St.Gallen and Lausanne, with implementing the initiative.

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