Schaffhausen – Schaffhausen is a region to which those with innovative ideas flock. At the same time, it serves as a nest that protects those within. This is a finding from a study conducted by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute on behalf of the project group for the Development Strategy 2030.

The canton of Schaffhausen wants to visualize the economic development of the region and set the course for the future early on. To this end, it launched the project Development Strategy 2030 in September. In the first phase, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) has conceived a vision for the future for the canton on behalf of the project group. This vision was presented on Tuesday.

In their paper, the GDI authors highlight that the cantonal promotion agency had until now focused on hard factors. These should by no means be neglected. However, precisely because the canton has built up excellent conditions over the years it should now also turn its attention to social energy. This social energy is the key for an attractive region of the future. It carries quality of life and success.

Schaffhausen is in a strong position. The GDI authors describe the canton as both a region to which people flock and a nest. By their definition, a “Schwarmregion” (flock region) is a place that attracts people with innovative ideas. A nest offers locals a safe place and draws them back when they have been away. In this vein, Schaffhausen should strive to maintain a connection with those who have left the area. Often, they will still have an emotional connection to the region.

This new approach creates new challenges for the authorities. They are increasingly being needed as moderators rather than administrators. If Schaffhausen can be positioned as somewhere with radiance, the canton can also assume a pioneering role and counteract the cliché of being a sleepy region.

The vision for the future will now be discussed with residents by means of a workshop in March, as was reported in a press release. By the summer, measures and projects will have been defined ready for implementation. 

The Development Strategy 2030 is being run by the canton in collaboration with the Schaffhausen Regional Association of Industry and Commerce (IVS) and other regional players.

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