Lugano - Skypull has achieved a seven-figure sum in a financing round. The start-up from the Greater Zurich Area has developed a drone system that is able to exploit wind from high up to produce energy.

According to a press release, Skypull has concluded a financing round, achieving a seven-figure amount from this. Shibumi International, a venture capital firm from Dubai, was the investor.

Skypull wants to revolutionize the wind energy market using a new method, which essentially involves pulling wind energy down from the sky. The company’s wind power system consists of a drone, a pull rope, and an electric generator. The drone switches off its motor at a height of 200 meters and glides. When this happens, it winds the pull rope, which is connected to the generator on the ground. This converts the mechanical energy into electricity. This system is able to generate up to 95 percent more energy than a conventional wind turbine.

Skypull aims to use the new investment to drive forward development of its system. A test product should be launched by June. The company hopes to then bring the product to market in 2022, with an increase in staff anticipated during this time. The start-up based in Lugano also aims to find larger office facilities. 

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