Zurich/Munich - Sleepiz and Infineon have launched a device on the market that will allow sleep apnea sufferers to monitor their condition during the night at home. It can now be integrated into any networked smart device including loudspeakers and bedside lamps.

Sleepiz and Infineon are together making patient observations in a sleep laboratory a thing of the past. The medical device developed by the spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors to monitor sleep apnea is already being sold to doctors across Switzerland and Germany. As explained in an identical press release issued by both partners, this device can be integrated into any networked smart home device, from intelligent loudspeakers to bedside lamps.

The “comfortable and cost-effective” device works with the XENSIV radar sensors developed by Infineon. These facilitate accurate measurement of vital signs such as heartbeat and respiratory rate without touching the body or invading the user’s privacy. The data is analyzed using Sleepiz machine learning algorithms and stored anonymously in a cloud that users can access.

“Jointly, we open a new market of high-precision sleep monitoring solutions at home and our software helps to make medical-grade insights accessible to everyone”, comments Dr. Soumya Sunder Dash, CEO and co-founder of Sleepiz, in the press release. Moreover, Sleepiz has carried out several clinical studies with leading hospitals, such as Charité Berlin and Ruhrlandklink Essen in addition to other sleep research institutions, with the aim of proving the accuracy of their algorithms, the press release explains further.

At present, the company employs over 50 staff on two separate continents. It has received support from institutions such as Innosuisse (Swiss Federal Innovation Agency) and the European Commission.

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