Zug - The Swiss Blockchain Federation is looking for business concepts to support that can be realized with the help of Blockchain technology. As part of an accelerator program financed by Innosuisse, the organization works to bring innovative people together with companies and experts. Project ideas can be submitted until the end of July.

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As the official umbrella organization for the Swiss Blockchain Industry, the Swiss Blockchain Federation supports start-ups, students and innovators in their efforts to become Blockchain entrepreneurs. As part of the NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland program, it has developed a four-step process to generate new ideas from which start-ups can be established. This accelerator program is being co-financed by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse

As detailed in a press release, the organization’s aim is to bring together innovative people with Blockchain experts from companies and universities for the first time. Initially, ideas can be submitted via the Jointcreate platform of the Swiss Blockchain Federation until the end of July. These ideas are then developed and expanded further during a Blockchain Hackathon and as part of what are known as Corporate Acceleration Events. The developers of the most-promising ideas are subsequently invited to take part in an incubation program lasting several weeks with the venture capital specialists CV VC based in Crypto Valley in the canton of Zug. 

The ideas do not necessarily have to be “particularly sophisticated”, but should “help solve a current problem and identify an area where blockchain technology can be used”, the Swiss Blockchain Federation writes. The first subject areas in which solutions are being sought have now been published on the Jointcreate platform. These #BlockchainChallenges relate to the Internet of Things (Proof of Location), real estate, education, decentralized accounting processes, decentralized emissions certificates, Self-Sovereign Identity Management (SSI) and decentralized project management. “We have already brought Blockchain and non-Blockchain companies on board to sponsor the #BlockchainChallenges, and many others are now set to follow”.

According to the information from NTN Innovation Booster - Blockchain Nation Switzerland, the program combines existing initiatives with organizations and individuals interested in getting involved in the world of Blockchain technology. “In line with its nationwide efforts in recent years, the Swiss Blockchain Federation is now entering a whole new dimension by actively promoting innovation”.

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