The industrial group Dätwyler has agreed an extension of its partnership with Nespresso until 2030. Dätwyler will be investing in the expansion of its production processes based in the Greater Zurich Area with the aim of manufacturing more sustainable coffee capsules.

Dätwyler produces capsules and seals for coffee products under the Nespresso brand. The industrial group, which is based in the canton of Uri, has been working together with the Nestlé subsidiary since as far back as 2006. A press release has revealed that the two companies have now agreed to extend their successful partnership until 2030. This multi-year contract is targeting continual volume and sales growth, according to information in the press release.

Over the coming years, the partners intend to focus on sustainability. In this context, Dätwyler will also be investing in the expansion of its production capacities in addition to making improvements at its highly automated plant located in Schattdorf in the canton of Uri, the press release states. More precise details concerning the collaboration with Nespresso are, however, subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

“By investing in and adapting our production processes, we are able to support Nespresso in putting to market capsules made using 80% recycled aluminum and hence contribute to their commitment to make every cup of coffee carbon neutral by 2022”, comments Dirk Lambrecht, CEO of Dätwyler, in the press release. Efforts to ensure carbon-neutral production processes at Datwyler's plant will also contribute to this aim.

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